Sam Soper — Art & Illustration

Austin, TX

"Pen and ink illustrator and muralist specializing in colorful, detailed, pop-surrealist portraiture."
Hi, I’m Sam! I’m a pen & ink pop-surrealist illustrator and muralist, with a focus on portraiture depicting real-life people and objects in fantasy and sci-fi scenarios. I strive for my work to be fully-inclusive, pulling inspiration from real people (usually those in my own life) with a wide variety of races, body types, gender identities, sexual preferences, and ability-levels. I study real-world flora, fauna, and stones, as well as esoteric symbolism and cultural customs, for use in my scenes and character creations, to showcase the beauty and mysticism present within our natural and sociological environments.

I have also recently added mural work to my offerings, of which I would love to do more. I have an over 15 year background in brand strategy, creative design, and user experience that I can put to use creating fun and engaging brand experiences for you in the form of mural work and installations.
Wescover creator since 2020

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