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Sally Podmore - Paintings and Murals
Sally Podmore
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Sally Podmore

Vancouver, Canada

Sally is a self-taught artist living on Vancouver Island in Canada. Her abstracted impressionistic style has evolved in an ongoing conversation with her natural surroundings. Themes in Sally’s art centre around a sense of place, memory and nostalgia for the ever-changing seasons of life.

I am curious about how our bodies respond to place. In our increasingly urbanized and disconnected culture, I work to examine the healing, resilience and freedom of nature. Through my paintings, I aim to explore the narratives between place, identity, nostalgia and the natural world.

Working with acrylic on canvas, my painting practice is a response to the movement, texture and energy of the natural world. I build my compositions with many layers of richly saturated colours. Each painting begins referenced from photographs and memories, but I allow space for the translation between the images to become imperfect; the painting becomes its own slower and more complex narrative just as our recollections evolve in their retellings. Detailed and spontaneous mark-making invites closer looking and a sense of abstracted sensory immersion into the piece.

My work explores life’s golden moments; how they build our stories and identities through our senses, memory and deeply rooting our feeling of place emotions into the self.