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Sabrina Cabada

Arlington, VA

"Contemporary paintings by Sabrina Cabada"
Cabada’s creative process originates in her subject’s ability to describe a narrative, one frequently resonating with Sabrina, herself. Raised in the late sixties and seventies by artists, she grew up in a world saturated with color and abstraction. Her paintings evoke both vintage and retro vibes while keeping a firm grounding in pop culture and contemporary society. This chronologic juxtaposition serves as a layered background against which her imagination unravels and soars. Her illustrations wander between ordinary lives through dreamlike moments. Her central subject matter is inspired by female imagery and the feminine persona, focusing on portraying the striking vitality radiating from the feminine gesture.

With a deep-rooted passion for color, Cabada combines unpredictable combinations composed of vibrant hues and subtle tones. Her medium is primarily acrylic on canvas with elements of mixed media such as glitter, rhinestones and handmade paper - whatever is necessary to bring her vision to life. The artist refreshingly captures the raw essence of true women. They are not mundane objects of perfection, rather they evoke playfulness, daring confidence, strength and beauty, while radiating vulnerability.
Wescover creator since 2020

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