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Ryan Frizzell (The Rhinovirus)

Murfreesboro, TN

Mixed media artist specializing in spray paint art. Murfreeboro, Tn.
Ryan Frizzell, a.k.a. The Rhinovirus, has been infectiously spreading his many forms of creativity throughout the Murfreesboro art and music scene for years. Working in graffiti, 3D photography and music, it’s a destiny that has been infused into him since birth: “As far back as I can remember, I have had a love for art and music. I’ve always made a place for art.”
Growing up, he was inspired by a little bit of everything, including cartoons, stories, songs, bands and comic books. He was also exposed to a variety of artists who made him who he is today, beginning with his family of creatives: his great-grandmother was a painter, art teacher and the pianist of her church. His father had a memorabilia and collectibles shop, which meant Ryan ended up with tons of comics and sports cards.
As for his beginnings as a visual artist, Ryan was always drawing on anything he could in school, but it was taken to a new level the day published cartoonist Tim Oliphant paid Ryan’s art class a visit. “He showed our class some basics, and helped us come up with some character ideas. I’m almost certain that is the day I decided I wanted to become an artist. Some of those characters I still sketch out to see if I still remember how.”
Shortly after that he was introduced to photographer Pinky Bass, who taught him and his classmates how to construct their own pinhole camera. Ryan recalls “Pinky’s Portable Pop-up Pinhole Camera and Darkroom” as one of the most unique creations he has ever seen, making him a fan of in-camera effects such as layering images by double-exposing photos, making shutter speed adjustments, adding filtrations and creating lens flares.
Ryan, DJ Orig, and other art friends got involved with the Bedford County Arts council through his high school art teachers. They helped to restore the old Fly Sewing Co. building in Shelbyville, where his great-grandmother and his mother had both worked together in the ’70s. After helping with the renovations, they were allowed to paint murals on the interior walls, providing him with a legal outlet for his newly refined graffiti skills. It is now called the Fly Center for the Arts (204 S. Main St. in Shelbyville), and contains the Bedford County art gallery, history museum, banquet hall and theater.
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