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Ruth Stone

Sydney, Australia

"Abstract Figurative Expressionism"
My work is concerned with the transient and unpredictable forces of time, nature and the marks of man on the environment seen and unseen. My experience of the mysterious forces and layers of time on place and country, pervades my sensibility bringing traces of ghostly marks and transitions through landscape into being. These ghosts tell their stories of love, desperation, desire, of powerlessness and searching. The souls of those whose lives passed through our world thousands of years ago, of our first nation people and the people who colonised Australia.
I relish paint and the mark, the sensuality of building a surface pushing and pulling space and colour. I am passionate about drawing and photography is a rich source for my explorations.
I have just scratched the surface of this rich story, the Australian historical context is a rich and fascinating one and is deeply layered and rewarding. Our lands, our great country is awe inspiring and beautiful. My work, my story embedded in a long tradition of figure in landscape, laid bare by my deep connection to landscape and the people who move through it.
Wescover creator since 2020

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