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Ruth Moilliet Sculpture

Manchester, United Kingdom

"Bespoke metal sculptures"
During her career as an artist, Ruth Moilliet has established a strong reputation via her bespoke artworks for the public, private and corporate sectors. Her work is inspired by the plant kingdom, its lifecycles and the elements of co-existence that enable continued survival for the species involved.
Her study of an individual plant or flower and subsequent development of an artwork aims to highlight the various complex structures and forms that are found within it. The living object as a whole may appear delicate to the eye but when combined, the individual parts have a specific purpose that ensures its ongoing growth.
Ruth’s method of production highlights and accentuates this joining of botanical forms and deliberately depicts an engineered ‘bolting together’, exaggerating the function whilst retaining the beauty.
Her sculptures range in size from small detailed pieces to large eye-catching structures. To add further complexity, Ruth will often combine the two extremes of scale to create dramatic and intricate artworks. Using highly finished metal-working techniques, her output is sought after for all environments, be it a private garden, an office foyer or bespoke artwork for a public location.
Wescover creator since 2020

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