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Ruskig Ångest

Malmö, Sweden

Pärra Von Andreasson
Graffiti artist. About 2019.

I start my year in Bangkok, Thailand.
I want to paint 7-9 large, huge monumental paintings in Bangkok.
I am an artistic director for a unique exhibition form where we during Uppsala Kulturnatt 14 September
2019 will invite you all to lovely Gottsunda.
In Urbanartspace Hangaren, I continue with colleagues to paint the huge outdoor work InSightSeeing.
It is an ambitious collaborative work that started last year and that received almost 6,000 visitors during the Gallery Night 2018.
I still want to show my Genus exhibitions (KÖN) in a courageous art room, which, unlike the Kulturcentrum in Ronneby, does not censor and limit artists' ability to communicate.
I will paint a mural called Uppsala Beat Street inside the Forum gallery in Uppsala along with Chaz from Holland and Queen Bless.
I have started two new painting processes. 1. Royalties. 2. Amnesty paintings.
I am going on a painting trip to London with Kaos and I will exhibit at Muzeum Slaskie, Katowice in Poland to pay attention to the environmental political graffiti action I and a couple of friends conducted there in 1991.
Furthermore, I hope for dynamic meetings, aesthetic challenges and curiosities, educational adventures and excursions, as well as political self-explanations.
Wescover creator since 2019

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