Ruben van Megen

Venlo, Netherlands

"Always looking for stories that are worth telling and questioning the status quo of design"
Design studio Ruben van Megen is based in the Netherlands and stands for high end design. As a Dutch designer, Ruben is always looking for stories that are worth telling. He also uses and develops new materials and is always questioning the status quo. It is self-evident that recycling, material or immaterial, is part of the designs.

In 2012 Ruben van Megen graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and started his own design studio. Since 2016, Jeske van Gerven has also been part of the studio as a concept developer.

Ruben van Megen has won several important European prizes, such as the Red Dot Award and A’design Award. The work has been included in various museums and in some world-class design galleries.

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