Ruben Farinas

London, United Kingdom

"Fariceramics is a contemporary, London-based pottery studio. Japanese inspired functional art and beautiful designs for everyday use. Stoneware clay, with rustic and natural color patterns. Timeless beauty in your hands."
I was born in Asturias, a northern Spanish province filled with wild spaces. My work echoes the rough qualities found throughout Asturias’ rugged cliffs, plush vegetation and seaside beaches. With eddies of greens, blues and earthy browns, every piece is unique, even when part of a series.
My vision is to create beautiful, functional art for everyday use. Some rustic, others refined, but always a pleasure to hold and feel. All my creations are made by hand—some wheel thrown, others carefully hand built. I seek to embed each piece with both a sense of artistic creation and daily utility.
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