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Rossella Casadio

Cesenatico, Italy

Rossella Casadio, born in Cesenatico in 1975, studied and graduated from the G. Severini Institute of Mosaic Art in Ravenna, Italy.
A distinctive feature of Rossella Casadio's works is the recovery of materials that undergo a transformation, while maintaining the characteristics assimilated over time: each work is an experimentation with materials and colors, the choice of which is made with extreme care.
The wood becomes the "animated support" on which the work is built, oxidized by salt, dented or pecked by a "witchetty" must be able to tell its own story and its time.
Raku ceramics are broken up and crushed to take new forms.
Iron and stainless steel are patinated by time, while gold, to which the artist approaches in an innovative way, is used for its attitude to refraction and mounted in reverse to create nuances and plays of light and shadow.
Recovery becomes itself an "artistic act".
Each element follows the relentless evolution of time and every detail acquires a unique value. And just as the waves of the sea break and create something new and different, so each material takes on new life, transforms itself and evolves into a unique creation, retaining the peculiarities acquired in its own becoming.
Each work is accompanied by a style in continuous transformation: immediacy and experimentation are the soul of the artistic gesture, which springs directly from an idea just outlined and evolves during practical realization. The research continues in the approach to the definition of the marine subject; from the stylized figuration the artist transforms the individual features of the work to work. It is realized and evolves through the previous artistic experiences through a spiral of continuous creation. An art in constant evolution!
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