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Rosie Deacon

Sydney, Australia

Rosie deacon was born in Nyngan, central west slopes and plains, and growing up in regional communities such as Bathurst and Wagga Wagga, the artist was influenced to create a strong community engaged craft practice.
Deacon uses easily accessible materials and what may be described as ‘everyday junk’ to create pieces that blur the lines between contemporary art, craft and jewellery practice. Deacon repurposes everyday materials such as synthetic eyelashes together with things like acrylic paint, expanding foam, jewels, glittery stickers and clay. The mash-up of a diversity of materials affects the meaning of the work and how an audience may interpret the idea of artists’ process.

In 2015 Deacon curated mca art bar koala nut bush where Sydneysiders discovered regional traditions of her upbringing, from line dancing, bush treats and local craft.

‘Bit Fat in Da Back’ (Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2016) was an immersive video installation in which deacon plays with the concept of tourism and Australiana kitsch. Using a mix of craft and souvenirs sourced from Chinatown in Sydney, Deacon creates a fantastical scene bursting with a conglomerate of sequins, colour, and glitter-covered kangaroos. This multi-faceted installation features the premiere of Deacon’s kangaroo rap with original costuming and a series of video works, documenting deacon’s encounters in and around Sydney’s attractions including paddy’s markets, the opera house and aboard an iconic Sydney ferry.
Video Oediv, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2016. Curated by Megan Monte.

‘Fun Foam Fantastical-Fabulous Fun!‘ (Firstdraft Gallery, 2016) was an installation that incorporated 700kg of fun foam. Deacon was gifted a truck load of fun foam, a gooey and textured craft material popular in the 1980s. This started her obsession with the dynamic and versatile material, where she shaped everything from kangaroos, koalas, trees, and Australiana mythical creatures.
Wescover creator since 2019

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