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Roser Aromar Glass

Girona, Spain

"Glass artist"
Roser began her professional life as a photographer, but her career gave a turn when in 2004 she discovered glasswork and became passionate about the infinite possibilities this material offered for artistic expression. From then on her work has been divided between photography and glasswork, associating both of these practices with the investigation of light through the elements

After completing several professional courses at the Fundació Centre del Vidre de Barcelona, she created her own gallery-workshop in 2006 where she worked on design and the creation of unique glass pieces. Working from an artistic perspective and using totally artisanal processes, her production takes our relationship with our surroundings as its basic structure. She transforms this into new aesthetic identities, eliminating the superfluous as far as possible with the aim of approaching formal purity. She is currently living in the city of Girona where she is continuing with this project.
Wescover creator since 2019

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