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Rose Uniacke - Interior Design and Pendants
Rose Uniacke
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Rose Uniacke

London, United Kingdom

Rose Uniacke is an interior designer, a designer of furniture and lighting – for individual clients as well as for her showroom - and a dealer in both antiques and pieces by other, usually well known, designers.

These three activities complement each other perfectly, not least because Rose believes strongly in combining the old and the new. It’s one of the defining characteristics of her style as an interior designer and curator of spaces.

Rose trained as a furniture restorer, gilder and specialist in paint and lacquer before becoming a respected antique dealer. She and her team work internationally but are based in Pimlico, in central London, in spacious premises that serve as a showroom and, below stairs, a design studio and offices. They also work with independent craftspeople in different parts of the country.

Rose leads all design projects and is a central figure in all client relationships. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, getting to know clients, understanding their needs and preferences, winning their trust and collaborating with them is at the heart of Rose’s work; and it’s something she finds particularly rewarding.

Of course, no two clients have the same lives, tastes or dreams, just as no two interiors have the same light, proportions, history or personality. Each and every client is different; and so, too, is each and every building, each and every space. Rose’s interiors therefore differ markedly from one another. However, they all reflect her personal aesthetic: her predilection for light, air and space; her pursuit of both simplicity and refinement; her emphasis not only on restraint but also on softness; and the importance she attaches to materials and to texture.

The Sunday Times has called Rose The Queen of Serene. What Rose’s interiors have in common is warmth, weightlessness, character and an extraordinary serenity.

In 2013, Rose won the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award, often described as the Oscar of the interior design world.

"Rose is a remarkable talent, charting a route utterly distinct to her. Her austere interiors hum with atmosphere; every corner is an essay in balance, restraint and exquisite quality." – Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award 2013