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Rose Cantin

Montreal, Canada

"Constructivism minimalism"
Admiring the aesthetics of constructivism and minimalism, Rose Cantin is inspired by forms and lines in their pure state. Rose associates her colour choices with different emotions and meanings. The circle occupies a preponderant place in her work, it has a special meanings. Its form is simple, but its essence is difficult to define or to apprehend. It is the symbol of nature, preferring the grace of curves over straight, linear forms. For Rose, the circle is a symbol of infinity, unity, family, spirit, peace and more.

“My intention is not to prescribe to an ideal of perfection, I simply desire to convey a strong energy and exciting vibrancy. I create my pieces in a state of complete spiritual indulgence with an appreciation for the imperfections that emerge from such a mindset. I am fascinated by the impulsive and intuitive use of paint in relation with movement, and the notion that I have little control over the finished product, bestowing the creative process with a fragility that is crucial to my appreciation of it. Every splash of paint amazes me, unique and impossible to recreate, the result of spontaneity and freedom with each application. The resulting piece is a collage of absent mindedness. I have no interest in recreating what I have already seen. I do not intend to create art which is reflective of a vision, an opinion, judgements or descriptive of an era. I simply wish to convey a feeling, a moment birthed from an eruption of raw emotion, passion and liberty.”
Wescover creator since 2020

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