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Room 13 Collection

Cape Town, South Africa

"Textiles and Wallpaper. Designed and Produced in South Africa"
The Room 13 Collection is a unique range of textiles and wallpaper designed and produced by sisters, Michelle and Nina.. Based in Cape Town, our boutique graphic design studio (Room 13 Design ( has been crafting beautiful things for over 15 years.

For a long time, it has been our dream to branch out into a new business where we could be our own client, and design a range that was true to our unique style; a collection that we would want in our very own homes. Developed over a period of four years, the Room 13 Collection is inspired by a vast compilation of concepts and ideas collected over time. These were then lovingly tailored by our talented designers and art directors into the drawings, collages and graphics now featured in these collections.

We hope that each item will bring as much joy to your home as went into the making of it.
Wescover creator since 2019

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