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Romolo Del Deo

Provincetown, MA

"I am dedicated to the idea of rethinking, reimagining and upcycling the sustainable, resilient imagery and methodology from the ancient past to speak to the present." -Romolo Del Deo"
After completing a distinguished career at Harvard and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Romolo turned away from his early successes and the artistic trends of the late 20th Century. For several years he isolated himself on a mountaintop in Italy, where he created a blueprint for an alternative future art. He foresaw that there would come a time when we would be saturated with disposable and ill-made things, While everyone else was racing to define the moment, Romolo dedicated himself to an art that expressed the eternal. His labor-intensive, thoughtful pieces have become a refreshing counterpoint to the ever faster, more trendy, more transitory art of his peers. Romolo envisioned a future where society as a whole would move beyond disposable consumerism, which was drowning the planet in waste, to re-embrace the value of thoughtful, skillfully handcrafted masterworks created over time from the noble natural materials the ancients used. This manner of working creates artworks which focus an artist's creativity, into less wasteful use of resources. Romolo calls this enduring art for the new millennium, “Long Art.”
Wescover creator since 2019

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