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SP, Brazil

Words of color. This is the artistic language that Rogério Pedro developed to write his journey. His work flows into canvases, murals, drawings for commercial products and editorial pieces.

His art was most influenced by the Modern movement, especially cubism and its variations. Rogerio’s irreverence combined with his passion for color, travels through deconstruction of form, volume and concepts to then recreate unique concepts with a new identity. That’s the story in each of his piece. He has this talent for color that is as if Summer infiltrated through the cracks of the window, inundating and coloring everything. Suddenly life seems less complicated.

His creativity has no boundaries and takes out with no limits. His work can be found in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Bahia, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Nova Iorque, Vienna e Buenos Aires. Rogerio also has published works in New York, France, Spain and has collaborated with Brazilian singers Margareth Menezes e Sandra de Sá, while devoting time to charities Mano Down, Acesa Capuava and Instituto Anelo.
Wescover creator since 2019

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