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Rodolfo Choperena - Paintings and Art
Rodolfo Choperena
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Rodolfo Choperena

San Antonio, TX

"Various manifestations of Choperena’s photography represent his extensive and diverse oeuvre, devoted to the study of wavelengths, light, and perceptions of reality. While many of the photographs are printed on metal circles, rectangles, and “linear segments,” others are reproduced as hand-woven Tibetan rugs or projected videos. Each photograph is a result of a complex performance-based process. First Choperena chooses his subject matter, often arranging a series of colorful objects in his path. Next, the artist slows down the camera’s shutter speed and walks throughout the prolonged exposure. Brilliant abstract images emerge to represent this performed moment in a reduced and distilled form.

Rodolfo Choperena was born in Mexico City in 1966. He was the 2013 recipient of the Hasselblad Owners Club award for Photographer of the Month. Choperena is extensively collected and in numerous corporate art collections”