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Robyn A Frank

Albuquerque, NM

"Art for living, art for loving"
My work celebrates change — a cyclical duality of creation and loss. The compositions seek to create an intangible space where the past, present, and future assemblages of our self culminate in a soft expanse of possibility.

Change is a constant, yet our sense-of-self is honed through a narrative of societally-imposed expectations and conventions of who we are or will become, as fixed and prescribed. Self-creation is intentional change — the consistent and purposeful response to dismantle this narrative and in turn, actively create who we are or want to become.

The compositions are an allegory made of simple shapes. To describe a few of the reoccurring symbols: the circle, resembling a sun or moon, is the self, a path that is forever becoming; the wavy line is the energetic manifestation of emotions or emotionality, evoking uncertainty and discovery contained within each moment we presently live in; the diagonal line represents duality and our ever-shifting perspective.
Wescover creator since 2020

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