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Roberto Barr - Art
Roberto Barr
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Roberto Barr

Brussels, Belgium

"Born in 1968 and native of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, Roberto Barr discovered early his artistic fiber, speaking through his colorful creations, living and naive, made of paper-maché.

His paintings are from his no endless imagination when as a child, he lived in the interior of Brazil and lived close to nature. His memories were amplified and magnified vision shapes, silhouettes, and colors. He brings them to the present and tells us his imaginary world through strong expressions, sensitivity and lots of creativity.

Well known in his country, the creations of Roberto Barr have magnified the famous tanks Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It also gave the opportunity for young people in difficulty to form, by teaching them the techniques of paper-maché.

Recognized in the country and everywhere in the world, he has exhibited in Europe and the United States, including Monaco, Italy, Paris, Austria, to New York but also in Tokyo.

Recently, the artist re-opened his workshop in Brussels."