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Street actor and serigraffichist, adept of alternative cultures, RNST explores and plays with urban art in various forms: graffiti, posters, collages, stencils. He really invested the street with the screen printing (display) and the stencil. His studio is a laboratory where he mixes recipes, colors and genres. The speech and the work of RNST are imbued with two constants: provoc and romanticism. Of multiple influences, amateur of supports of all kinds and especially of recovery, his work of creation is a direct link between the street and the workshop. News and public space should not escape us, this is where the artist comes to position. RNST considers its creations as real bridges between the world and its intimate world to ask questions, disturb and question ...

But his commitment is not limited to taking sides for a cause. His speech reveals indeed a multitude of influences that come to nourish his work. RNST likes to mix elements that are a priori unrelated to each other, which, when assembled, reaches a different dimension than their first level of reading.

“My art does not belong to me. I prefer that people ask themselves and make their own interpretation.”

This mania of dispossessing the work of its author is invited even in the supports of work which it privileges, ie objects found in the street: »I recovered a door of fridge, cans, signs ... I like the idea that these objects already have their story. "

Finally, the strength of the art of RNST undoubtedly comes from a very important technical implication: it masters the collage, the stencil, the serigraphy, the painting and the graffiti. By decomposition and recomposition, this multidisciplinarity guarantees a powerful visual, with solid colors that replace the line. A result sometimes violent, but so poetic! The colors look old, as if through this romantic filter: the reds are burgundy, the blues are gray, the greens are persimmon ... history of attenuating the violence and just explode the fragility dear to RNST.

RNST is therefore this complete artist who will always prefer the symbol to the name, the work to the man.
Wescover creator since 2019

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