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Ris Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Taichung City, Taiwan

"Meticulous on details and new possibilities."
Ris Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established at multicultural Taichung city, Taiwan, in 2013. A group of design manias pursues timeless elegance and coexistence with utilitarian in interior space. The company dedicates to both classic aesthetics and contemporary solution on every project, aiming on long-term progress and sustainable connection with fashion, culture, society.


2019 International Design Media Award Decoration Winner
2019 Muse Design Award Gold Winner
2019 M+ China Top Interior Design Award TOP100
2019 Hers Design Award Winner
2019 Delux Great China Interior Design Color Award
2018-2019 A’design Silver Award
2018 Jintang Award Residential Winner
2018 IAI Design Award Residential Winner
2018 Jinteng Award Residential Top 100
2018-2019 40 UNDER 40 Best of Best
2018 Gold Pin Design Award Spatial Category Winner
2018 IF Design Award Winner (Interior Architecture)
2018 IDA Design Award Bronze Winner (Interior Architecture)
2017-2018 A’design Silver Award
2017-2018 TINTA Decoration Category Gold Winner
2017-2018 TINTA Restaurant Category Silver Winner
2017 ADA Luxury Residential Category Bronze Winner
2017-2018 40 UNDER 40 Honored
2017 Modern Decoration Restaurant Category Winner
2016-2017 A’design Silver Award
2016-2017 TINTA Revamp Category Bronze Winner
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