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Santo Tirso, Portugal

Everything has started in 1986, then came 2009, and Riluc was born. A new era, a new vision. Writing furniture-making history. Where will the journey take us?

Everything has started in Portugal, outside Porto, in 1986, then came 2009, and Riluc was born - a new and surprising brand.
The starting point is a family-owned business with 25 years of know-how in the art of transforming metal, with extreme quality of fabrication and traditional craftsmanship techniques. In 2008 started the process of reinvention.

Toni Grilo was the responsible designer to give shape to the idea of creating an outstanding brand of furniture, “something that didn’t exist in the global market, capable of arousing curiosity and calling attention to the quality of work we have been producing for decades” dreamt Ricardo Lucas, the founder of the brand.

The first exhibition of the brand was made in 2009 at Intercasa in Lisbon with the sensational and sculptural Bibendum armchair. This objet d’art went around the world and Riluc became an iconic brand, known for its handcrafted wonders, the proof of genuine craftsmanship and its cutting edge design.

Then came the invitation to exhibit at the prestigious Maison & Objet, in Paris and the American “Details Magazine” listed Riluc on “The World’s Top Emerging Furniture Makers”, considering the brand one of the ten most promising companies in the furniture sector.

Writing furniture-making history… Where will the journey take us?
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