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Rif Raf Giraffe

Kansas City, MO

Painting is my form of communication and the vehicle for sharing what I have learned. The messages have always varied from comedic to serious, aesthetic pattern to political commentary. Relating to one another through the universal language of imagery is, and has always been, the easiest way we communicate with each other. It is in our blood to relate, and in particular, to the human form. The characters that I draw and paint reflect the behaviors of society. Murals, for their part as public artworks and therefore devoid of institutional ‘norms’, are the best way to share information and stories to the masses. My work is strongly focused on telling narratives that promote identifiability through relatable characters and by dominating a colorful composition through vibrant expansion. Most currently, i have exploring the realms of space and time as constructs of human understanding.
Wescover creator since 2020

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