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Richard Wrightman Design

New York, NY

Richard Wrightman’s campaign inspired furniture is as much influenced by Danish Modern as it is by English colonial style. Wrightman feels his interpretation of campaign captures the original spirit by “mixing history with invention” with the end result being revisionist historical design.

Wrightman’s interest in the campaign began with a late 19th-century collapsible chair that belonged to his father – not unlike the Chatwin series he produces today. It would be a chair that Wrightman would take apart and reassemble countless times as his family set up camp between continents. “I appreciated the functionality of the design, and I always felt that the chair had its own secret history of places it had been before my father acquired it… Campaign is very romantic and timeless”.

From fashion to fabrication

Leaving fashion in 1996, Wrightman went to work for Product & Design, one of New York City’s leading architectural fabrication firms where he gained experience building prototypes and production pieces for top architects and designers. Wrightman’s interests are in understanding processes and materials and the history and evolution of design. Working for Product & Design gave him a profound appreciation for the intelligence in making things, and what began as an exploration ended up as a life-changing experience. Four years later, this newfound knowledge, together with his keen eye for form and detail, led him to establish his own company. Wrightman, now in his 19th year of business, has clients all over the world, and it is not uncommon for clients to airfreight pieces direct. One day a set of chairs are in New York City and the next…a yacht in the south of France.
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