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Richard Heys

London, United Kingdom

"Color driven. Creator of abstract paintings with presence."
Richard Heys is a non-figurative painter & works in a light-filled studio in Sussex in England, an acorn’s throw from the Ashdown Forest, just 30 miles south of London. He exhibits regularly in the UK and Europe and his pieces are held in private collections in many countries across the world. Richard creates paintings with presence & loves with a passion the ethereal nature of colour and the physical qualities of paint.
What set Richard on this journey was discovering Ian McKeever’s Temple Paintings at the Royal Academy in 2007. He was astounded and puzzled by how the piece came off the wall to greet him. He has, since that moment, wrestled with the issue of how to create a painting with presence. These days he has a deeper appreciation of how pure colour can project and recede from the picture plane, informed by the ‘frontality’ of the icon tradition, brought into the Abstract Sublime by Mark Rothko.

Richard makes his work using print-making tools, brushes and bespoke squeegees. He works to remould inner spaces, to invite attention to and engagement with surface and depth, outer picture and inner soul-space. He aims to create "the painting as a doorway".
Wescover creator since 2020

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