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Richard Baronio Sculpture

Brooklyn, NY

"Welded Stainless Steel Sculpture"
Richard Baronio builds his sculptures by welding one small length of stainless steel rod to another. This is a slow process, and he begans with no clear scheme or design. The forms develop from working with the materials and the welding process. As one section of a sculpture develops, he often stops and moves to another section. He finds if one section develops too quickly, he loses touch with it in some meaningful way and then he has to cut off some part of it and add it to the pile that continues to accumulate at one end of his studio.

But this is not a bad thing. All of these parts can be used again. In fact, he often begins a sculpture by picking a few parts from this pile and finding relevance in putting them together is a new way. So the process continues, moving ahead on one part then setting it aside and moving ahead on another part, Eventually all the parts come together and, with some final adjustments, the piece is finished. By the point of completion, he has usually spent more than a hundred hours on a sculpture spread out over many months or even years.
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