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Ricardo Paniagua

Dallas, TX

Ricardo Paniagua was born in Dallas, TX. He currently lives and works in his native hometown. The artist left the educational system early in his sophomore year of high school and today sees himself as a bit of an autodidact in the world of contemporary art. His work is in museum collections and is often curated into exhibitions along with academically trained artists at the institutional level among other dynamic platforms for contemporary art. In engaging the ongoing discourse that is “contemporary art,” he is known to evolve multiple bodies of work concurrently within his growing oeuvre. Pulling from art movements such as the Pattern and Decoration Movement, Op-Art, Contemporary Islamic Art, Minimalism, Internet/Post-Internet Art among others and coupled with having a keen eye for detail that can be traced back to a lineage of master tile artisans, you are sure to find unusual sensibilities juxtaposed against multitudinous high-craft approaches and articulated processes. In recent years, his work has found itself within the public sphere with the completion of several large-scale public projects in Dallas and surrounding municipalities.
Wescover creator since 2019

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