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Safenwil, Switzerland

Passion for light aesthetics
For more than 20 years, the high innovative strength has justified the success of the Swiss family business. A pioneering spirit, passion, and passion for light aesthetics characterize the RIBAG philosophy. The fact that the RIBAG brand has been able to compete on the domestic and foreign market for many years is based on the constant pursuit of outstanding lighting solutions for sophisticated architecture, unique design, and unmistakable quality.

Innovation and quality
Year after year, we research innovative lighting techniques and design new product concepts. This is in the nature of our creativity and our unique spirit of development. But something always stays the same: our commitment to quality. This quality is reflected in the materials used, in the high standards of our designs and in the attention to detail, with which we accompany the entire process from idea to production.

detailed care
Special attention is paid to detail maintenance. Experienced hands that produce quality. Hands guided by passion and creativity. Hands that not only respect the company's history but continue to write it, harnessing the full potential of the technology. Hands proud to produce MADE IN SWITZERLAND.
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