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Req. Art

San Francisco, CA

"Somewhere between order and chaos"
Ian Montgomery grew up in the small town of Nevada City, California, which he still heralds as a backwoods locale with a cosmopolitan array of culture. It was here that he began his journey as an artist and was able to study under the talents of LeeAnn Brook and Terry Baxter, gaining recognition and awards from various fairs and even the Crocker Art Museum. Although he was enthralled at the idea of pursuing art, he eventually decided to follow studies in the sciences, which later led to a career in nursing and then became a Nurse Practitioner. He currently practices at Stanford Hospital. Despite his passion for nursing, in 2009 he began feeling the pull to create art again.

It was that summer, having just landed a job as a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Ian began to paint: Jackson Pollock style with a Piet Mondrian structure. He cleared his studio apartment floor on the Upper East Side, and began coloring his Home Depot-purchased canvas with interior house paint. One painting turned into many, and before he knew it, he was being featured at Tom Tom Founders Festival in Virginia, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and New York City restaurants, galleries and high-rise lobbies. Despite his inspiration and success on the East Coast, he felt a deep yearning to reconnect with his Northern Californian roots and was able to return to San Francisco in 2014.

Though he struggled to find new muse in the way of painting when he arrived in his new found home, in the past year a new medium sprang into his practice. He started by using his physical understanding of the world, and began experimenting with metal corrosion in a controlled manner. This method juxtaposes polished and tarnished metal; In effect, he has discovered how to take any image and transfer it onto metal by literally altering its chemistry. He has also applied this metal technique to jewelry, and is currently a resident jeweler at his former instructor, LeeAnn Brook’s, gallery in Nevada City.
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