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Renae Geddes

Melbourne, Australia

It doesn’t matter what kind of work I am doing as an artist, what is most imperative and absolute is the state of mind in which I am working.

To be an outstanding artist requires 100% acceptance, absolute truthfulness and ultimately, divine enlightenment. The authentic beauty found deep in the essence of life, is the truth.

There is great suffering and hardship in this world and our minds are drawn to negative emotions easily, but we must not let this become us. What we must do, I believe what we have a responsibility to do, is to accelerate humanity's kindness, generosity, humility and above all, love. Through love, we can obtain heaven on earth - it all starts with our own awareness.

Through adversity we must embrace the light of the universe and invite it into our hearts. It is here that we can cultivate the miracles that were written in stone well before our conception. Today is not for discovering and existing - it is for living and creating.

I yearn to be nowhere but at home and my home is nowhere but a spiritual state that has been awoken in my own mind. This awakening is possible for everyone - for everyone to become a conscious being. This place is not a never-never land. It is real, attainable and accessible to every person on this planet.

In every moment we can choose our emotion and if we choose love, we can reap the abundant joy of life. So choose love... the polar opposite of fear.

I am interested only in what my eyes see rather than what my ears hear. Therefore I am not ego. I am consciousness that is shaped into a human being.

Nothing is more important to me than to inform you of who I am and what I can give to the world, rather than how great I think, or have been told, that I am.

My light is love and peace and I wish to share this with you whilst I am in the presence of your soul. I believe we are gifted with an abundance of talents and I have chosen to make the world a more beautiful and fun place by sharing my favourite way to pass my time... in creating art.

Art is limitless and I buzz at such a high creative frequency. My energy runs hot above my skin. My heart overflows with gratitude for every minute of my life that has passed me by and every encounter both good and bad, as these have led me to walk through fire and not get singed. And even greater than this feat, is to be at the pinnacle of life itself; this moment right now… there is nothing more beautiful than this moment, right now.

Whilst I do what I love I leave my legacy, which is drawn from the depths of my soul. I would love nothing more in life than for you to feel the light of my peace and happiness right now, whilst in the presence of my creation, and I invite you to take that with you in your day... in every day.
Wescover creator since 2019

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