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Relja Penezic - Paintings and Art
Relja Penezic
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Relja Penezic

Los Angeles, CA

“Relja Penezic was born in Belgrade, in former Yugoslavia in 1950. After studies of fine arts at the University of Belgrade he relocated to Paris, France where he based his art practice from 1975 to 1980. In 1985 he immigrated to the United States. Until 1990 he was based in New York City and his art practice consisted mainly of painting and printmaking. He started experimenting with digital media, video, and photography in 1991 when he moved to San Francisco where he lived until 2007. Today he lives and works in Los Angeles. Relja Penezic is a painter, video artist, printmaker, photographer, and a filmmaker. His work is a multimedia blend that combines technology and painting, performance and video, art and craft. Relja Penezic exhibits his work internationally.”