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Reconsider by Carole Touati

Barcelona, Spain

"ceramic objects participating in the rituals of our daily life by bringing a touch of poetry"
After a life of consuming clothes compulsively, falling in love fastly with ready-made garments, shoes, bags, buying more than I could offer, accumulating more than my closets could digest, here I am, questioning it all.
Maturity can take many forms. Conditioned by the harsh times we are living environmental-wise, worried by the period of saturation and high-speed we are going through in many aspects of our modern lives, indisposed by the pace of fashion and consumerism, nauseous when I realise the quantity of images we are swallowing every day, preoccupied by the side-effects of our comfortable lifestyles, I felt the urge to take a break. Reconnect with the essence of it all. Life.
Ceramics has been one of my ways to grasp life. The contact with clay and porcelain reconnected my body to the Earth and to my inner self. Enjoying the uniqueness of something made with patience and great care, at a human pace, moulded, sculpted, gave me a new perspective and new desires.
Wescover creator since 2021

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