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REBECCA KLUNDT From the Ground Up Studio

Salt Lake City, UT

"If people are to prosper within the natural world, all the products and materials manufactured by industry must--after each useful life--provide nourishment for something new. William McDonough"
Gather. Break down. Reconstruct. My process begins with a hunt for materials that have been abandoned. I am claiming the no longer useful and mining the piles. I work primarily in wood and acrylic to create two dimensional “constructions”. I love the story that has become part of these materials in their first life and I try to save some of that and add a new layer. I am gratified to have the pile gone and a clean smooth block on the wall in its place.
My process has grown out of 3 things that are close to center for me. First is this drive to use up resources that might otherwise be wasted. It is the way I create everything from soup to art. This kind of creative energy and thrift was bred into me by my maternal grandparents and I have a great respect for their sense of stewardship as well as the beautiful things they created.
Second, I love the rocks of my mountain home. From the granite cliffs of the Wasatch Range to the sand stone in the south--weathered faces with cracks and textures that must be touched. In nature lines are created when 2 things butt up against each other. I try to imitate these delicious joints and cracks in my work.
Third, thoughtful conversation. It is a good day when I have had a chance to talk with someone about things that matter. I want to promote thoughtfulness and introspection, and conversation with each piece. I love the challenge of using simple materials to say something….or to hear something.
Wescover creator since 2020

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