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Ray Sell

Brooklyn, NY

"In only the last few years with the rise of gossip rags and television shows dedicated to Tinseltown’s elite, high-speed internet updates every few seconds gathering news from the far reaches of the world, and the truly metaphysical: blogs about blogging; a constant stream of information, at the same time relevant and grossly redundant, is suffocating our society under the pillow of subliminal messaging and “organic” advertising.
The work of Ray Sell attempts to simultaneously dissect the messaging and provide commentary on this phenomenon, particularly focusing on its impact on the development of the male archetype. Taking images and magazine clippings from a vast swath of media over the last 60 years, Mr. Sell is determined to create a forum for self-reflection and debate, and question the very ethos by which our culture rears its male brood. By removing the images from their original environs, he has stripped them of their intended meaning and given them his own voice.

Ray Sell received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Ray’s artwork has been displayed in New York, Miami, Asbury Park and Ireland. He has received critical acclaim from New York Magazine’s July 2009 issue, the July issue of L Magazine, June 2008 issue of ArtCards, the 2008 preview for the Miami Basel shows in Forbes Magazine and the Dec 2007 Art Basel Review in the Economist.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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