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Ray G Brown

Ray G Brown

London, United Kingdom

Ray Gonzalez Brown is a conceptual designer, unorthodox craftsman, and inventive artist. He merges elements of sculpture, craft and design, to create poetically evocative, intriguingly useable objects. His work is inspired by the accidental side effects which emerge between us and our designed world - the cascades of wax clasping the very candles which created them, the curations of detritus collecting beneath our floorboards, the boxed-up bundles of bundled-up boxes strewn on the streets like unsung anthologies of discarded cardboard. These incidental sideshows of material are just sculptures waiting to happen.

His work so far has included: crisp-cast ceramics, hole-moulded gardenware, meta-crafted closed-loop bronzeware, batch-manufactured textured tableware, emotively unsettling seating solutions, mystically reverent textile installations, combustible-cast vessels, and minty meditations on mundane material phenomena.

He received a BA in Furniture Making & Product Design from The Cass School of Art and Design (London Metropolitan University) in 2016, and is now based in South London.

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