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Raphael Gindt

Leudelange, Luxembourg

Independent professional artist Urban Artist. StreetArtist. Muralist. Surrealist. Painter.

Raphael Gindt started painting in the streets as a teenager and became a professional artist at the age of 19 years. Today he is established in the international Street art scene and is inconceivable in the new generation of street-art. This 1993 Luxembourg-born artist his known for his mixed of styles and techniques. He is an expressionistic as well as surreal artist. The young artist is painting many stunning murals in several countries and is creating his own glass sculptures. He treats glass with paint splashes, and a palette-knife. This technique is characteristic for his expressive art. Raphael Gindt shows emotions as well as impulses and touches his public with very soulful paintings. All the people in his paintings are members of an affecting personal life period. He uses glass to intensify his expressive and individual paintings.
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