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Randy Walker

Minneapolis, MN

I like to create big public works of art. But not on my own.
The projects that inspire me involve places with peculiar stories, sites with distinctive natural or built features, and communities that value art’s transformative power. These are the essentials that form the foundation of my work and initiate an ongoing conversation. Immersing myself in a community, discovering its story and place in the world is essential to my artistic process, and involves residents, business owners, municipalities and other designers. This part of the conversation is characterized by many voices.
My inspiration also emerges from the less audible, more mysterious inner dialogues essential to my artistic process. Often wordless, these conversations are intuitive, nonlinear, and enigmatic. They originate in my personal history and draw on a background in architecture and art.
As a work of art takes shape, the conversation expands to include specialists whose collaborative expertise makes the artwork real.
What emerges is an intricate, many-threaded story, punctuated by a finished artwork that subtly reveals the spirit of a place for years to come.
Wescover creator since 2019

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