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Rancilio - Tableware
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Lombardia, Italy

Rancilio Group is a company with a long tradition and distinction that produces professional coffee machines with a well-advanced technology and design.

Thanks to the acquisition in 2008 of Egro Coffee Systems AG, historical Swiss company producing fully-automatic espresso machines, the group reached a high strategic asset, creating a strong development and management synergies, with the maintenance of elevated quality and the peculiarity of the individual expertise through an union that merges two different but complementary traditions.

This is why Rancilio Group is so unique, an unprecedented technological offered for a common passion: espresso coffee and the machines to brew it impeccably.TWO BRANDS ONE VISION summarizes the market approach of the industrial group, to progress every day always overcoming new limits.

Rancilio Group is a dynamic and growing company, that combines the strong roots in the Italian context with an international tendency. The headquarters of Villastanza di Parabiago in the surrounding area of Milan, is flanked by two research and development centers and since 1999 the firm has opened 5 branch companies located in Chicago (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon / Porto (Portugal), Dottikon (Switzerland) and Weikersheim (Germany).

Today the multinational is present throughout the Italian contest and in more than 100 Countries all over the world, with the aim to constantly satisfy the needs of its own customers.
With 45 active patents and a qualified team dedicated to research and development area, Rancilio Group shows the strong innovative component that characterized its DNA to interpret the desires of coffee lovers in the world.