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Rafael Consuegra Sculptor

Miami, FL

"Stainless Steel Sculpture /Ceramics"
Rafael Consuegra is a sculptor, ceramist, and a man that surprises others with his unique vision, insight, and ability to breathe life into clay and metal. His sculptures range in size from small-scale work to monumental art commissions. His work is represented in both private and public collections internationally.

Consuegra is a dedicated artist that gets his inspiration from everything that surrounds him: the mundane, the extraordinary, and the spiritual all serve to breathe life into his work. He is convinced that true art influences others to think and strive for growth.
Consuegra was born in Havana, Cuba in 1941. Seeking exile from Cuba, he left the island in 1960 and established residence in Miami, Florida where he began his studies in architecture. It soon became evident to him and his teachers that his true calling was in the fine arts. As an art student, he was twice granted the Cintas fellowship from the International Institute of Education in New York. He obtained a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Miami in 1971.

Upon graduation, he began teaching sculpture and design at Miami-Dade College and Barry University. Although he loved teaching, he longed to exhibit in Europe and dedicate all his time to creating. He subsequently left teaching and moved to Europe where he established a studio in Barcelona, Spain.

In Europe, he exhibited widely throughout France, Spain, Denmark, and Switzerland and developed a reputation as a fine ceramist and sculptor. After eight years in Europe, family obligations brought him back to the United States. He established his main studio in Miami, Florida but maintained a secondary studio in Barcelona and, more recently, one in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His principal focus over the last twenty years has been on art commissions.

Consuegra: sculptor, ceramist, visionary, and incurable dreamer.
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