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Rachel Nurmi

Chicago, IL

"My mission is to create art that represents people from all walks of life."
Rachel Nurmi currently is a Chicago based artist. She was born on the East Coast, in Connecticut, and decided to stay in the city after graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2015.

She specializes in character art, focusing on both humans and animals. Most of her inspiration is drawn up from childhood favorites such as; Disney, Anime, Manga, and Western Comic Books. An overactive imagination and the desire to leave a mark is what leads her to create the majority of the work you see.

Rachel started as a traditional artist but after years of putting it off, she has made the move to a digital medium. You can still see her traditional art in the murals she creates around Chicago but you'll mostly enjoy her digital art in the prints she creates.

Aside from art, her passion is to travel the world. In the future Rachel would like to start creating murals in other states and countries.
Wescover creator since 2019

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