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Rachel Newton

London, United Kingdom

"Atmospheric and deceptively understated abstracts with tantalising texture."
A self taught abstract painter born in Norfolk in 1970, now living and working in Middlesex, I use a variety of media, mainly acrylics, gesso and metal leaf to create atmospheric and deceptively understated pieces often on a large scale.

I started abstract painting during a long period of chronic ill health as it provided comfort. Feeling imprisoned in my own body, it followed that my mind, perhaps as a form of self-preservation 'hibernated', and abstract art became the obvious and indeed only form of self expression.

Many layers of mixed media over the large expanse of canvas or panel offer overall depth. Emerging delicately from that expanse of what from a distance appears as solid colour are textured details evoking fresh possibilities challenging the stability of hibernation.

Having previously worked as a picture frame restorer I developed an appreciation of the qualities of some of the traditional materials used in that field. Incorporating them in many of my paintings they help to provide depth and texture.
Wescover creator since 2020

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