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R1. - Murals and Art
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Johannesburg, South Africa

The streets are the veins of a city. They gather, transport and transform our daily experiences and interactions. We can read a city by its streets, the same as we can read a sample of blood from a body. Shared spaces become the places where new collective identities are formed.
The streets are where we walk, where we talk, where we meet others, where we ‘are’. The street’s identity is created and constantly reinvented from the interactions between people living in it and using it. From past to present, these interactions allow for continuous re-combinations of experiences.
I consider the street as an open canvas. I work with urban interventions and collect every day found materials, transforming them and placing them back where they came from, to become a part of the city’s journey. The resulting artwork is tactile, moving within the motion of the cityscape. Like the street, the work finds its meaning once an interaction with the passer-by takes place.
Working with processes of transformation, replacement and motion, my role as an artist is that of a mediator. My work subtly changes the city streets to create a dialogue and interactions between the environment and our experience of it. The artworks take ownership and manipulate city spaces, opening new relationships with daily familiarity. The end result carries conversations, becoming a fragment of the ever changing city’s history.