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R.B. Morris III - Murals and Art
R.B. Morris III
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R.B. Morris III


"RB Morris is a poet and songwriter, solo performer and band leader, and a sometimes playwright and actor from Knoxville, Tennessee. He has published books of poetry including Early Fires (Iris Press), Keeping The Bees Employed, and The Mockingbird Poems (Rich Mountain Bound), and music albums including Spies Lies and Burning Eyes, and his most recent solo project Rich Mountain Bound. He wrote and acted in The Man Who Lives Here Is Looney, a one-man play taken from the life and work of James Agee, and was instrumental in founding a park dedicated to Agee in Knoxville. Morris served as the Jack E. Reese Writer-in-Residence at The University of Tennessee from 2004-2008, and was inducted into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame in 2009. He currently lives in Knoxville with his wife and daughter.

Beginning this Thursday, November 7th, 2013, Bay area-based muralist/artist R.B. Morris III and his paint crew will be giving the 187’ tall, 77’ wide Grain Silo on Pier 92 a complete face-lift. This 14,993 sq. ft. mural depicting an electric-green Heron in flight, arms wide against a jagged angled background is based on a small geometric pattern designed by Haddad|Drugan out of Seattle, WA.

The artist R.B. Morris III and his three man crew will attempt to repeat the geometric pattern 1,460 separate times in order to cover the 17 story building face, completing a composition reflecting the Bayview neighborhood's past, present, and future. In what will be the most visible mural in the SF bay area, commuters on both highways 101 and 280, and denizens of the surrounding neighborhoods and hilltops will all see the humungous bold design added to the skyline. At night colored lights will cycle through the colors red, green, and blue, on both the façade and the adjacent silos. Every night the lighting schedule will vary, so that the art will be dynamic and always changing its appearance. The lights will cause the mural imagery to change its appearance with changing light colors. As the light colors shift, images will appear to float in and out of the scene. This striking effect will result in the appearance of an animated graphic abstractly representing a neighborhood in transformation, Bayview Rising.."