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Qurbani Akbar

Aceh, Indonesia

Ruben, who’s actual name Qurbani Akbar is a pop-art artist from Aceh, Sumatra.

This Banda Aceh born youngster is very familiar to have special characteristics in each of his work in terms of visual, selection of object and choosing own colour.

His love for the world of visual art has started since he was in elementary school. It was impossible for him to get apart from cartoon and animation. His penchant for cartoon made him try to draw some of his idol cartoon characters on paper, as well as the full support of his parents so that his drawing talents continued to be honed day by day..

After finishing high school (SMA) in Banda Aceh, Ruben began to conduct silaturahmi with some artist friends there. At that time he met a man called “forest” the very first person to introduce street art to him. At the beginning of his activity in the world of street art, Ruben and Forest often go vandalising objects of the road by tagging in several comers in the city. In the end, Ruben starts to know graffiti and murals as a public art which very attached him and left him in the world of bombing.

Along with the journey of his work, Ruben’s skills are matured after discovering the own tastes of characters of his work. He was totally not free from street drawing at the environment and adolescence he spent. The beach and the sea are some of places Ruben loves, his love to them has inspired him to every part of his works. You can tell them from all of his works, displaying symbols off the beach or tropical flowers. This is what makes his work original and different from other pop art works.
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