Washington, DC

"An Abstract Expression of form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process."
Artist Clarence James was born in Stamford, CT and grew up in Raleigh, NC. He attended Howard University where he graduated with a BBA. He has done art exhibitions in NY, LA, ATL and Miami and currently resides in Washington, DC where he works from his studio located at 52 O St NW. He creates ideographic, abstract art that communicates universally, thus transcending time and space and connecting all people throughout existence. The artwork is abstract, semiotic, subliminal and subconscious. It is free; it is revolutionary. It is framed within the context of human history and the total contribution of humanity that have culminated to equal the society we live in today. “The 84 Collection” speaks directly to an inner truth and at times to a hidden truth. It inspires emotion as well as sparks contemplation and introspection.

PVMT84 by artist Clarence James is a living body of work that illustrates the artist’s key philosophy/ideology of “84.” This philosophy is based on a visual interpretation of our experience in society and how we interact with our environment, or rather how our environment interacts with us. “The 84 Collection” inspires self esteem and self awareness, it encourages the Evolution of the Human spirit and mind into a more optimal level, a higher frequency, a vibration. It comments our experience as people on earth, citizens of nations and participants in society is. i.e. mankind’s journey through existence and human history and our role as living beings (individuals) who find ourselves alive in this particular moment in space-time.

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