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Pura Vida Wood Co

Puslinch, Canada

Pura Vida Wood Co.
It's a lifestyle

Pura Vida Wood Co. was co-founded by two brothers-in-law, Brian Sanchez who was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1990 and moved to Canada in 2000 & Josh Sloot who was born and raised in Guelph ON Canada his whole life. Meeting in 2013 we both realized we had a lot in common including music, surfing, and a love for woodwork. Together we have many years of experience in all matter of woodworking ranging from building a bed for your dog to a home for your family - there's really nothing we can't do.

Brian Sanchez
Born in San Jose Costa Rica in 1991
Moved to Canada age of 10
Worked as an apprentice cabinet maker

Josh Sloot
Born in Guelph Ontario Canada in 1988
married Brians sister Lisa in 2017
Worked as a carpenter for 12 years building custom homes
Wescover creator since 2020

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