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São Paulo, Brazil

"Anti Depressive art"

Celso Mazu started his career painting on the street in the 90s, influenced by a lifestyle linked to skateboarding and the consequent drifts in the city of São Paulo. He graduated in Fine Arts at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in 2000 and since then has exhibited and painted in the USA, Japan, Europe, Argentina and in several cities in Brazil.
His trajectory moves between paintings on the street and exhibitions on the closed circuit.
Mazu is clearly concerned with the different supports he uses and the relationship of different viewers immersed in the overdose of significance impregnated in his works in these different spaces. The constant reflection on his own artistic production never left him stagnant in a technique or methodology. On the contrary, it continues to evolve its look and invoice without deviating from the characteristic line of its work.
PROZAK is the pseudonym he adopted in 2003, where he uses the symbol of the world-renowned medicine brand in a metonymy, which indicates the city, to respond to social concerns and saturations in everyday life. The elements used in the structure of the paintings refer to a dictionary of democratically accessible symbols. The palette of charged tones was born naturally in its practice, demanded by the concepts and metaphors that emerged along an ironic and personality-laden journey.
In the most recent series of works, color appears as a set of multi-dimensional organic mass, where the layers jump from the background given by the city. Mazu's chromatic diversity epitomizes the world saturated with information and impositions that its generation runs through.
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