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Propellor Studio

Vancouver, Canada

"Beautifully crafted modern lighting and sculpture."
Propellor is a design studio that thrives on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects. Our work spans a range of disciplines from lighting and furniture design to sculpture. Common threads run through all of Propellor’s work; an interest in the forms and systems of the natural world, a passion for uncovering an idiosyncratic beauty in the objects that we design, and a desire to make pieces that will last well into the future.
We often take cues from the natural world as starting points for our lighting and sculpture pieces; the ways in which clouds form, trees record history in their rings, glaciers erode mountainsides and light filters through the canopy of the forest. We work to create forms that distill lessons learned from our observations of nature into designs that, while crisp and minimal, hint at the beauty and complexity of the natural world.
Wescover creator since 2019

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