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Priya Handa - Murals and Art
Priya Handa
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Priya Handa

Oakland, CA

"Born and raised in the Bay Area, Priya considers her work as an extension of her life. She tries to find a balance between chaos and reality, mixing realism with the splatters and chaotic nature of paint. She uses mixed media— acrylics and aerosols —to express an array of emotions through colors, lines, splatters, and textures.
Most of the work she creates is a personal experiment to depict the world and its chaos. By allowing the paint to ripple and separate, the colors to clash and highlight next to each other, chaos is created. She cannot predict how they will connect with each other or how they will land next to the other color. In this chaos, she attempts to find where she can fit realistic images and emotions. Many people try to create chaos around their planned image of reality, but the reality is that you have to learn to plan and create chaos— not vice versa— because chaos is inevitable and unpredictable."